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Level Artist

Level Art – Frisco, Texas
Department Level Art
Employment Type Full Time
Minimum Experience Experienced

Level Artist


Gearbox is looking for individuals who have the passion and talent to create visually stunning environments for our upcoming projects! As a Level Artist you will help define and realize the aesthetic goals of a project by arranging lighting, defining composition, and decorating areas with content created by our talented team of artists, and as well as yourself!


Demonstration of environment creation & population is required for portfolio submission



  • Creating exciting and attractive environments that are lush with detail and interesting scene composition
  • Collaborate with level & game designers to achieve projects visual goals while balancing gameplay and performance objectives
  • Study and follow game design documents to know the story, style, objectives, atmospheres and environments to create game levels
  • Work alongside with the Level Art Lead or Art Director in maintaining or defining aesthetic goals as necessary for the environments and project’s success
  • Define or improve lighting aspects of environments as necessary to reach aesthetic target
  • Work from concept art, style sheets, or reference to achieve projects visual goals
  • Provide feedback to other artists to ensure we’re working together to meet project’s artistic expectations per environment(s)
  • Identify and provide feedback on modeling and texturing needs necessary to execute environments, bringing these elements together into a cohesive experience
  • Be a resource for the art team for the environment / level / area, answering questions and helping own that vision

 Skills Required:

  • Good grasp of what it means to work in a game level editor and efforts required for asset population and implementation
  • Strong eye for what makes a scene interesting by utilizing color, shadow, silhouette, composition, and asset arrangement / population
  • Technically proficient enough to be comfortable crafting environments so they meet technical limitations as defined by our engineers and technical artists
  • Excellent communicator and team player -- here at Gearbox we thrive on collaboration and working together to meet our project artistic goals
  • Strong understanding of how environments affect gameplay and vice versa


  • Any asset creation experience is considered a plus for this position, and could be part of this role depending on ability & level of experience


  • Experience in creating whole environments is required, not just individual props and textures
  • Some 3DS Max / Modo / Maya, or similar 3d modeling package experience is preferred
  • Unreal 4 experience a plus


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  • Location
    Frisco, Texas
  • Department
    Level Art
  • Employment Type
    Full Time
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