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Mission Designer

Level Design – Frisco, Texas
Department Level Design
Employment Type Full Time
Minimum Experience Experienced


A mission designer is:


  • Creative: designing new, exciting experiences for players within the constraints of the tools, tech, and game design
  • A proficient scripter who understands the technical underpinnings and asset needs of missions, and can do the hands-on work to take a mission all the way through implementation from idea to shipping product
  • Passionate about crafting varied, memorable, and entertaining experiences for our players
  • A positive member of the team, eager to collaborate with others to create something great

The mission designer will be responsible for:


  • Pitching original ideas for missions in first person shooter games
  • Writing design documents for approved mission ideas
  • Acting upon design feedback from the Creative Director, Lead Mission Designer, and Lead Level Designer during every stage of the mission design process
  • Collaborating with other departments to ensure the game has everything the mission needs, and vice versa
  • Implementing the mission in script to a high professional standard while adhering to all technical and design requirements, while also observing established in-house style guides and best practices
  • Iterating missions based on feedback, creative goals, and project deadlines
  • Accounting for both single player and cooperative gameplay in missions

Requirements for this position:


  • A proven track record of design and implementation in video games, especially of missions or quests.
  • An understanding of game design fundamentals, and what makes missions fun, exciting, memorable, and fair for players
  • Excellent documentation, communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills. Ability to maintain focus and self-motivation towards the current project goals.
  • Live near or be able to relocate to Frisco, Texas 
  • Have shipped a AAA title, with a preference towards Unreal technology and first person shooters.

Desired but not required:


  • Shipped games using Unreal 4 technology
  • Experience with the certification and shipping process on modern consoles
  • Experience working with large inter-disciplinary teams
  • Co-op and/or Online Multiplayer experience.
  • Previous leadership experience

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  • Location
    Frisco, Texas
  • Department
    Level Design
  • Employment Type
    Full Time
  • Minimum Experience
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