Unity Engineer

Spark Dev Support · Frisco, Texas
Department Spark Dev Support
Employment Type Full Time

We are seeking a developer to extend and maintain our Software Development Kit across various target platforms based on the Unity Engine. Your primary work will involve translating the features of our online services into formats suitable for a Unity Plugin. This work also includes building a simple example game and supporting automated tests. A commitment to collaborative problem solving, sophisticated design, and a quality product are essential.


● Design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable code

● Active team contributor, always seeking ways to improve our products

● Interact with and provide support to external development partners

● Building and packaging native plugins for Unity

● Automating the Unity build pipeline with batch mode

● Writing automated tests in the Unity Test Framework

● Implementing simple gameplay and UI logic

● Writing scripts that are easily extended to support new platforms (InputManager, etc)

● Creating custom inspectors to extend editor functionality

● Designing APIs that are intuitive and easy to use

● Writing documentation, both in source code and long-form articles

● Communication with Unity reporting bugs or feature requests that could improve our software

● Communicating and troubleshooting with internal teams and external partners using our SDK


● Excellent C# skills

● Calling C libraries from within a Unity plugin

● Experience with Mono

● Excellent written, verbal, and communication skills

● High level understanding of working with stateless web services

● Experience shipping a title on at least one of the following console platforms: Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Stadia

● Using the Profiler to identify likely performance bottlenecks

● Knowledge of Unity's asset pipeline

● Basic understanding of network topology concepts

● Knowledge of asynchronous programming concepts

● Familiarity with platform certification requirements and process

● Understanding Unity's versioning and roadmap as it pertains to upgrading and supporting different versions of Unity

Bonus Points for:

● Cross-platform development (Windows, Linux, Console, Mac, Mobile)

● Experience with web tools such as Postman for testing web APIs

● Experience with Bolt or other popular Unity visual scripting libraries

● Understanding of networking at the socket level

● Continuous Integration and Automated Testing

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  • Location
    Frisco, Texas
  • Department
    Spark Dev Support
  • Employment Type
    Full Time