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Department Writing
Employment Type Full Time
Minimum Experience Mid-level



Writers at Gearbox will create stories, write and punch-up scripts, and join narrative stakeholder groups and writer’s rooms in the review and iteration of story content. Responsibilities include plot development, writing dialogue for voice-over, mission descriptions, flavor text, and other in-game text. Gearbox writers should be able to write in a variety of styles, but strength with comedy is highly valued by our studio. The ability to work with a team and to accept notes, criticism, and the iterative process is a must.



  • Write main missions, side missions, battle dialog, and any other writing assigned to the creation of stories
  • Collaborate with other writers, narrative groups, and developers of all disciplines to develop stories for Gearbox Games
  • Review and provide feedback for submissions from other writers, both internal and external
  • Occasionally, interact with marketing events and press in the promotion of our games
  • When assigned, function as Lead Writer of a project or project area, taking the primary seat in guiding the content and tone of writing for that project.
  • Participate in a writer’s room, working to develop story and punch up writing with other contributors


  • 3+ years of experience writing in a professional capacity
  • Published work in video games, novels, comic books, web-based material, TV, film, or related media.
  • Strong ability to collaborate with other creative people from all disciplines (art, design and engineering).
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to prioritize and execute multiple threads of writing tasks under a reasonable deadline
  • Strong passion and ability for comedic or satiric writing.
  • Skilled in writing entertaining and engaging dialogue with meaningful character interactions.
  • Competence with at least one professional writing tool (Word, Final Draft, etc.)
  • Broad knowledge of successful stories and franchises across all media
  • Must be local or willing to relocate to the North Dallas area

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    Frisco, Texas
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    Full Time
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