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Motion Capture Producer

MoCap · Frisco, Texas
Department MoCap
Employment Type Full Time

Gearbox Software is looking for a passionate, talented Motion Capture Producer.

Jobs Duties:

  • Scheduling mocap shoots for multiple projects on the main stage and face shoots in the VO booth
  • Creating JIRA tasks for each shoot
  • Creating shotlists for each shoot
  • Communicating with and confirming the actors
  • Taking care of actor paperwork – liability waivers at each shoot, independent contractor forms, tax forms, invoices, TX residency forms
  • Work with audio, animation, and narrative about which actors to use for performance capture
  • Deal with SAG questions that might come up for performance capture
  • Manage pay rates for actors
  • Scheduling auditions and casting calls
  • Work with other producers to forecast shoots per project for Accounting department
  • Scheduling catering for shoots
  • Purchasing mocap supplies and props
  • Represent mocap in meetings
  • Communicate with the animation group and audio about special needs for upcoming mocap shoots
  • Provide names of mocap actors to front desk on day of shoot as requested by front desk
  • Manage laundering of the mocap suits
  • Help manage the logistics of the move to a new stage


  • At least 3-5 years of experience in the AAA game industry or equivalent/related field
  • Candidates have successfully coordinated cross-discipline or project-centric efforts throughout an entire project life cycle (or have a significant understanding of how these efforts apply to an entire project life cycle)
  • Proficiency with JIRA, MS Office, and other project management software
  • High-level of interpersonal and communication skills

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  • Location
    Frisco, Texas
  • Department
  • Employment Type
    Full Time